Standing In Faith For Our Farmhouse

While my husband, Ben, and I were waiting to hear back if our offer was accepted, we continued to dream and create a vision and plan for this house. Some people would tell us not to get our hopes up and that we would be completely heartbroken if our offer wasn't accepted. But we know that God knows the desires of our heart (this was one of them), so we asked God and stood in faith believing that this was going to be our house. 

We took measurements at the house and used those to create a SketchUp model of both the interior and exterior. Right now, the house is completely gutted down to the exterior studs, so that gives us the freedom to do what we want. We designed the space to our liking while keeping in mind what would be the best for resale. My favorite part of remodeling homes is seeing the vision in our heads turn into a visual model which will eventually be the end product. It helps not only allow us to visualize the space, but for others to jump on board and get where we are heading.


Once we figured out exactly what we wanted to do with this house, we created a loose budget. (Talking about the budget is always the worst, but it shows us exactly what we are able to do with what we've got - and we make it work one way or another.) We even called people to get quotes for the parts of the projects we are letting experts do - HVAC, roofing, electrical, etc. Now if someone would have looked at all we had done for this house already, they would have thought that we already closed on the house and were about to start this project. 

This isn't even all...

Ben and I love to go on dates to Home Depot and Menards, weird I know, but we both love and have such a passion for what we do. Well it was one of those dates, and Ben looked at me and said "This might sound crazy, but I think we should buy things for our farmhouse and make this be a faith statement claiming this house as ours." At first I did think he was a bit crazy, but he is such a strong man of God that I did not even question him. Needless to say, we ended up buying $3,000 worth of stuff for our house. We bought light fixtures, toilets, windows, doors, and even special order garage doors which couldn't be returned. 

We continued to wait and finally heard back that they didn't except our offer, but they did counter back at $13,000. We could have accepted right then and there and the house would have been ours, but we decided to counter back at $10,500. Now we will continue to wait just like before...