Our Biggest Faith Adventure Yet.

This right here is our biggest faith adventure yet. A lot has happened while renovating our 100 year old farmhouse, some good and some bad, but we have learned to take it day by day while still keeping the big picture in mind through it all. 

It may sound silly that renovating our farmhouse is our biggest faith adventure yet, but it truly has been. Through this process we have learned that we have to rely and trust in The Lord more than ever. Not every day is going to seem as good as the day we bought our first house or the day we will get to move in. It really is a roller coaster. It doesn't take much to get discouraged when it is only the two of us working on the house in our spare time. It is physically and emotionally draining to say the least. One minute we are on top of the world because we have been getting lots done and keeping on schedule and the next minute we have to remind ourselves why we didn't just tear the house down and put a double wide in its place (which we joke about sometimes). The issues that arise might seem like a big deal at the moment, but in the grand scheme of things it is only but a little bump in the road. We have been standing on God's Promises and giving it all to Him in the times we get discouraged. We know that all things will work out for the good, so we cling to that and keep in mind that this will be more than worth it in the end.

With that being said, things are going great right now! We finally have all of the mechanical in for the rough in inspection and all four of the inspections passed! Woohoo! So right now, insulation is going in at the house to get it ready for the drywall next week. The garage foundation is going to be poured next week and we started framing the porches. So things are moving right along and trying to get back all of the lost time. We are trying to remember to enjoy every minute of this process because it will pass by quicker than we know. Here are some pictures of all of the progress we have made so far!


Also, we would love for anybody that is interested in seeing the house at the stage that is in right now before drywall goes in to contact us and come see it! It is in way better condition already than when we first bought it, but would love for anybody to come see the before and then come again once the house is complete to see the after! 

I also just want to give my husband a shout out! Thank you for working so hard everyday! You amaze me with your work ethic. You get up and do manual labor everyday that probably wipes you out, but then we spend almost every night down at the farmhouse trying to finish it. You work more than 12 hours every day. You never even complain about all of the work you do! I just want to say that I am so thankful for everything you do for me and to provide for us. I can't wait till our house is done and we get to move in to enjoy all of the countless hours we put into it! I love you, babe!

I made him pose like that! ;)

I made him pose like that! ;)