The House Everybody Wants

So if you haven't come across this house for sale, I am sure you will. It has been on the market for about 3 days now and I have seen about 20 of my friends alone on Facebook mention this house. But what I have been trying to figure out is why? Why is this house so attractive to people? Yes, I understand it is beautiful, but why don't other old, historic houses have this same reaction? There have been other 100 year old houses for sale with tons of character, in better neighborhoods with more history behind the house than this one. But what about this one is different? 

It is funny because I did the same exact thing as everyone else, fall in love just from the pictures alone. I had to go look at this house, so we did just that! Since Ben has his real estate license, we couldn't pass up this opportunity to look inside. We pulled up and it looked like they were having an open house because of how many cars were lined up on the side of the road and piled in the driveway. (I wish I would have taken a picture of that because I have never seen that many people showing a house all at once). At first glance, our breaths were taken and minds were blown away. This house was even more gorgeous than the pictures. How could that be? As we walked through the house, we fell in love with every detail and kept brainstorming of how beautiful it could be with a little bit of love. We were thinking of all of the possibilities that you could do with it.

Once again, why was this house so popular? Because they don't make these kinds of houses anymore. The attention to details on this house was outstanding and is what gives the house so much character. Most (not all) houses now a days are cheaply made, meaning they are all similar in floor plans and the materials that are used. This is because builders can get the most bang for their buck. They have built so many of the exact same houses that they know exactly how to get the cost to build it down as low as possible. Which most buyers love because they can get a brand new house within their budget. The downside of this is that most are cookie cutter houses. The reason why this house is so popular is because these kinds of houses aren't being built anymore. It is so unique and different from anything being built now a days. 

This is why we love what we do! We see potential in every house that we come across. Our goal is to turn houses, whether they are beautiful to start with or not, into dream homes like this one. Why is this one house so popular? I have seen many other houses with similar character, but haven't even been noticed. We want to bring back houses that were once beautiful to their original state with our custom designs. We want people to have the same enthusiasm about other houses as this one. We do what we do because we love seeing our clients in love with a house they only dreamed was possible, but we are able to make their dreams become their reality. 

This house really got me thinking and excited for what is to come for our business. We always had a feeling but now know that restoring houses is what people love seeing, they just might not be able to envision it. But that is what we are here for, to help see the vision and do the work that is needed to make houses like these be more common. 

P.S. if someone knows who is going to buy this house, send them our way! :)

(Just has been on my mind & thought I would switch things up a bit from just farmhouse updates, although we will still keep those coming!)