People often wonder why they need the help of an interior designer when planning a new construction project. A common misconception regarding interior design is that it should come after a home is built. However, once a home is built, poor interior design will not only become obvious, it will leave you with much to be desired. We believe that using an interior designer in the building process will ensure that your new home is built exactly for you and your needs.

That’s why we want to provide you with the following benefits of having an interior designer as a part of your new custom home design team.

Benefits of an Interior Designer:

Time & Budget Planning – A well-informed and experienced interior designer will provide you with up-to-date knowledge of design opportunities for the planning, primary construction, material choices, fixture choices and finish construction phases. An interior designer can achieve the look and style you are desiring while knowing exactly where to purchase fixtures and materials to complete your home in a financially efficient manner. Not only will this eliminate the number of revisions you will have to make during the planning process, it will ensure a smoother build by keeping the project on track and on budget for its projected completion date.

Big Picture Focus – When building a custom dream home, many people get bogged down in the details. Most families today live in homes with blended styles, making it important to find a common theme amongst the elements. Choosing between attractive interior design styles can be a stressful, and sometimes overwhelming, decision. An interior designer will take into full consideration of the size, shape, and use of the home being built before making any recommendations. By incorporating the goals and visions you have for each space they will help make the process of choosing flooring, lighting, fixtures, colors, materials, and finishes easier.

A Trained Eye –  An interior designer will help translate your needs of having functional spaces while making them beautiful in the process. Good designers are also three-dimensional thinkers who use their abilities to find special opportunities in design that a client might miss. By staying up-to-date on current trends in the local and national markets, an interior designer can provide your home with the “wow” factor it deserves.